Contact Center

Customer Contact Strategy

Customer focused organizations understand that loyalty is the key to profitable customer relationships. Yet while customer service requirements continue to increase, economic pressures are driving organizations to find much more cost-effective ways to serve those requirements. AT&T Consulting can help you address this challenge by defining and enhancing your overall customer contact strategy. We help you identify your customer segments, prioritizing the business value of each segment based on your business goals and strategy. This allows your contact center to control operational costs by aligning methods of customer answer and other resources to your specific customer needs and expectations. In combination with service benchmarking of your company’s competitors, we help your contact center team stay ahead of customer retention and acquisition targets by delivering a desirable and repeatable customer interaction experience.

Contact Center Strategy and Roadmap

Contact center operations require a unique balance of business and technology solutions addressing staffing, business process, and technology integration. Yet all too often there is not an up-to-date strategic plan and business rationale showing how those investments will work together in a comprehensive, enterprise-wide manner. This offering helps you refresh your strategic contact center plan with a phased implementation roadmap defining the most appropriate level of efficiency and service. Our transformation strategies include recommendations for technology, resourcing, quality assurance, and support across all impacted areas including telephony, network, operations, unified communications and security. Our work scope can encompass migration to converged IP, virtualization and centralization, use of remote and home agents, self-service, off- and near-shoring, platform comparison, speech recognition, knowledge worker incorporation, and multi-channel access support (including web, Email, SMS and PoS), among many other areas. In addition, we can help develop the financial analysis and business case including related costs and migration impacts from current to target state at each phase of the roadmap. This increases the likelihood of success of your transformation by justifying funding at each step of migration.

Technology Planning and Readiness

Many enterprises are evaluating new technologies which promise to enhance the effectiveness and efficiencies of their contact centers. But every contact center initiative has its own unique considerations and considerable risks of new technology introduction. To ensure executive sponsorship and a successful deployment, organizations need to evaluate these technologies objectively to ensure their business relevance, define true costs and risks, and establish a real-world testing and production integration plan. Our Technology Planning and Readiness offering helps clarify the objectives, identify optimal approaches, select the appropriate technologies, applications and vendors, develop a support program, and provide supporting financial analysis for the proposed adoption. We assess needs objectively, including capacity, reliability, security, and operations in TDM or IP environments. The end result is a comprehensive analysis and plan for technology adoption which reduces costs, and accelerates the deployment process while containing risks.

Contact Center Application Development

Increased use of Contact Center automations and self-service functions can enhance your customer experience and provide easier access to your company’s services beyond standard local business hours. But the development and maintenance of these types of applications require unique skills and experience. This coupled with the increasing business demands for improved 7x24 contact center performance have created a gap in available talent. The AT&T Consulting Contact Center development team offers highly trained and experienced developer level expertise in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). Our work scope can be either project-based, or via augmentation of your existing teams. Our experienced resources can help you build applications to support contacts from phone, web, and email channels and other related complex applications. Our team is highly experienced in contact center virtualization, centralization and consolidation, IP platform migration, multi-channel interactions including web, SMS, point of sale and Email, and complex CTI and IVR applications and integrations.

Contact Center Life Cycle Deployment Services

Convergent technologies such as IP-based Contact Centers require extensive knowledge and experience with IP-based services as well as integration with traditional communications. As an industry leader in IP Contact Center solutions, AT&T Consulting helps organizations execute complex and mission critical contact center projects. Our lifecycle services encompass planning, architecture, integration, and implementation as either a multi-phased project or a-la-carte to suit your expansion or initial deployment projects. Our extensive deployment experience enables us to share best practices in convergent design and integration. This benefits our customers by helping to accelerate project deployments, achieve on-budget performance, and reduce overall risks. The AT&T Consulting team has capabilities on multiple vendor platforms such as Cisco, Avaya, Genesys and Nortel and technologies using both traditional communications and next generation IP services with design and integration expertise including component design, in/outbound call treatment scripting, database integrations, IVR, CTI, network and QoS design, dial plans, security, and operational management.

Contact Center Optimization

The optimal performance of the contact center relies on a proper balance of staffing, process, networks, systems and applications. Yet over time, enterprises make several investments into their contact center which result in changes to one or more of these dimensions. Often these changes happen independently of one another, or occur as a result of mergers and acquisitions. Due to the dynamic nature of these changes, it is not uncommon for the contact center to lose its “balance” and end up underperforming. What is needed is a way to examine the health of the contact center and restore this balance for optimal efficiency and effectiveness. The AT&T Consulting Contact Center Optimization offering protects your investments by analyzing your customer’s experience against your center’s performance objectives and budget. Our experienced team gathers live data specific from your contact center operation -- exactly as your customer experiences it. We help you reduce costs and achieve greater performance by evaluating and optimizing all customer interaction channels including self service, web, e-mail and voice. We assess your current operations and objectives and develop quantified and prioritized recommendations for optimization of existing contact center applications, platforms, routing, and staffing.