Cloud Services from AT&T

Expand on Demand with the AT&T cloud

Explore ways to use the cloud. Watch video. If you need a flexible, cost-effective alternative
for delivering computing power, cloud services
from AT&T can be an ideal solution.

Developers and Small Tech-Savvy Businesses.

Let AT&T Cloud Architect help you:

    As low as $50/month.
  • Create your cloud in minutes, using pre-provisioned building blocks
  • Deploy servers based on your
    application's needs

With options starting as low as $50 per month, now is the time to create your cloud.

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Enterprise Businesses.

Let AT&T Synaptic Compute as a Service help you:

  • Build your virtual private cloud, resident in the
    highly secure AT&T network
  • Federate our cloud with yours, using VMWare

When you need reliable resources and enterprise
grade security, consider AT&T Synaptic Compute
as a Service.

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Want to know more?

Learn more about hosting services or other cloud services like AT&T Platform as a Service or AT&T Synaptic Storage as a Service.