“Productivity – helping customers around the world be more productive – is at the heart of what we do at AT&T”.

The current economic environment means companies need to find ways they can become more productive and competitive.

One route forward lies in new communication technologies such as cloud based services, mobility and collaboration.

These technologies can drive productivity improvements and help businesses grow.

Building Competitiveness and Business Performance with ICT

AT&T, in collaboration with INSEAD, joined forces on a new study to investigate how investments in new technologies could improve a company’s productivity. The research:

  • Assesses how ICT has affected selected companies in Europe and around the world
  • Identifies specific areas in which ICT generates productivity opportunities and changes for business
  • Compares Europe’s capabilities to companies in other markets such as Asia-Pacific
  • Identifies obstacles that need to be overcome so European businesses can unleash their full ICT related potential
  • Makes recommendations to businesses and policymakers

The report is built on data from over 225 surveys completed by ICT leaders representing firms across the world. It also draws on a number of interviews with businesses which form case studies in the report and interviews with leading European politicians.

Join the debate

We hope you find the downloadable report and website useful and informative and that they help businesses make the right ICT investment decisions and provide policymakers with useful data on what businesses need.

We invite you to participate in the discussion with us via the interactive tools on this website, join our LinkedIn Group or by getting in touch with AT&T or INSEAD directly. We hope you enjoy the report.

We hope the findings will help CEOs and CIOs make the right ICT investment decisions.
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