Expert Views

As part of the research, several experts were interviewed, to provide their opinions and insight on the report findings, as well as comment on some of the wider discussions around business competitiveness.

Nils Fonstad

Associate Director of INSEAD eLab
(now Research Scientist, MIT Center for Information Systems Research)

About the report
Identifying key business enablers
Achieving a Mature Digital Platform
The challenge of agility
Implications for policy-makers

Chris Lewis

Group Vice President, International Telecoms and Networking, IDC
(now Founder, Chris Lewis Insight)

Chris shares his thoughts on how to define and drive productivity, as well as the role ICT can play in improving it.

Paul Douglas

IT Service/ Product Manager for Network, Cybersecurity and Voice

Paul discusses his views on productivity and how ICT can help to improve business productivity.

Productivity I Videos

As part of the research for our first survey in 2011 on the links between ICT and productivity, three experts on ICT were interviewed for their views on the study. Below are video interviews with Fabio Colasanti, President at the International Institute of Communications; John Higgins, Director General of Intellect, the UK ICT Trade Association, a European think tank on international economics; and Andrew Edison, Regional Vice President for EMEA at AT&T.

Albert Maasland

Albert Maasland is the Chairman of the London Branch of Saxo Bank.
View Albert's video

Fabio Colasanti

Fabio is President of the International Institute of Communications.
View Fabio's video

John Higgins

John Higgins is the Director General of Intellect.
View John's video

Andrew Edison

Andrew Edison is Regional Vice President for AT&T in EMEA.
View Andrew's video

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