Does your firm have a mature digital platform?

1. Where is your company based?

2. What sector is your company in?

3. For the last year, please approximate what percentage of the total ICT budget was spent on projects involving:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobility
  • Collaboration Tools

Your Results

The graphs below show how your answers compare to the average % of ICT budget allocated to the three technologies by companies by region in the last year.

Your Digitised Platform

You have an immature digitized platform and are at risk of wasting investments in new technology. Before or as you invest in new technologies, it is also important to mature your digitised platform i.e. increase the level of standardization and sharing across the organisation along the dimensions most critical for business strategy.

You have a mature digitised platform and are in a good position to get the most out of your ICT investments. You can start investing more in new technologies, however as you do make sure the right governance is in place to sustain the maturity of your digitised platform. In other words, make sure you have sufficient control over how new investments in ICT are made so as not to re-create “digitised platform spaghetti”.

Improving our research

Please help us improve our research and submit the results of your survey now. Your answers will help us understand the changing needs of ICT decision and policymakers.

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