Interactivity: Match the Picture with the Clues

Match the picture with the clue. Here is how:

Read the clue, then click on each of the blue buttons below the picture clue. The picture will change with each blue button you click. When you feel the picture matches the clue, move to the next clue and repeat. After matching pictures with all the clues, click the Submit Match button.

Clue 1

The first model started with a human ear and ended at a piece of glass.
Clue 1 Image.


Clue 2

It starts at the ear drum and ends at the brain.
Clue 2 Image.


Clue 3

Learning to see sounds.
Clue 3 Image.


Clue 4

Patented in 1876, it is the most significant tool in communications history.
Clue 4 Image.


Clue 5

An inventor, teacher of the deaf, and expert dog trainer.
Clue 5 Image.


Clue 6

Alexander Graham Bell's principal teacher.
Clue 6 Image.