Development Focus

The goal of our development teams is to provide the technologies that will bring new products and services that enable seamless, easy-to-use, high quality, and affordable communications to AT&T customers — any time, anywhere. These technologies lay the foundation for AT&T's future network, operations, and services.

In support of our goal and our mission, we focus our efforts in five areas:

  1. Business Process Automation and Consolidation
  2. Customer Experience
  3. IP Communications and eContact
  4. Intelligent Network Evolution
  5. Research

Business Process Automation and Consolidation

We are striving to develop technologies that will help AT&T seamlessly deliver services to our customers using automated procedures and processes in all steps, from taking orders to provisioning, billing, maintenance, and trouble resolution. Our technologists are focused on designing and developing innovative technologies that will enable this company-wide automation.

In addition, we continue to eliminate unnecessary system redundancies. Redundancy in a system is often the root cause of slowness and inaccuracy within the system. Redundancy across multiple systems is a tremendous drain on productivity and resources, because worker efforts are tied up carrying out duplicate functions. The Concept of OneSM is our focus on consolidating common functions across multiple systems, eliminating duplicate efforts. By maintaining this focus, we achieve even greater efficiency in our network, services and day-to-day operations.

Customer Experience

We aim to provide to AT&T customers rapid and accurate service delivery. Through research and development work in advanced speech recognition and text-to-speech technology, data analysis software, network management tools, and other areas, we are realizing this goal.

We also know that improving the customer experience starts with offering the best services. While we strive to automate the operations of our back-end systems, we continue to enhance the products and services we offer our customers.

IP Communications and eContact

With the evolution of the Internet, telecommunications has evolved into IP communications. Not long ago customers relied on AT&T to enable them to make a call using a telephone; now, customers look to AT&T to meet all of their communications needs. In light of our expanded role, the AT&T Labs' research and development team continues to refine and develop the industry's most advanced global Internet Protocol (IP) network and expand upon our already extensive service offering for today, and for the future.

We are introducing interactive voice technology such as How May I Help You? TM to gain more cost effective implementation of communications in a call center environment. Automatic handling of calls without agent and attendant involvement is a major opportunity and thrust for AT&T and our customers. Our experts are working on advanced speech technology and intelligent routing capabilities.

Intelligent Network Evolution

AT&T's network carries more data to more places with more reliability, ranking AT&T among the most reliable carriers in the US. In order to maintain a high level of innovation and reliability in the AT&T network, networking technologies continue to be a high priority for our research and development teams. Our experts are working in the areas of multi-service aggregation, intelligent optical networking, terabit IP, as well as network technologies supporting new IP VPN services.

We will continue to develop technologies to evolve our network, adding increasing intelligence in the core and optimizing access technologies at the edge. We are committed to making sure our best-in-class network and network operations system continues to be just that — best-in-class.


Although much of our research is related to network operations, IP communications, and systems automation, we continue to push the known limits of science in many disciplines of long-term interest to AT&T, including mathematics and cryptography.

Our researchers bring a wealth of knowledge and creativity to AT&T Labs and apply their talents to developing new state-of-the-art technologies. Our researchers were key contributors to the technologies that enabled the information technology revolution. Their inventions continue to fuel the fundamental transformation of communications services.