In Development

In the last five years the communications world has seen explosive growth - in bandwidth, processing power, speed, and storage capacity. AT&T Labs has been at the forefront of the technological revolution. We have brought exciting new innovations to AT&T customers in the form of new services, enhanced and improved operational systems, as well as greater security, flexibility, and network speed. Our developers have been responsible for bringing the benefits of this revolution to AT&T customers.

A sampling of some of the recent successes in our development organization:

  • The Intelligent Optical Network enables us to restore network service faster in the event of failure or disaster. Switches in the network have a comprehensive map of all available routes, allowing them to reroute traffic in the event of a failure. The Intelligent Optical Network will also dramatically reduce provisioning time for new high-speed circuits.
  • A global Predictive and Proactive network management system, created by integrating a number of innovative technologies developed at AT&T Labs, gives AT&T customers tools for anticipating and managing network behavior to ensure seamless and cost-effective delivery of business services. This involves state of the art Network Care tools unmatched in its ability of dynamically manage, repair, and report events, with Proactive, Predictive and self-healing capabilities. This enables AT&T to maintain a centralized focus during significant network events, system/platform anomalies, long duration outages, and executive complaints.
  • AT&T Broadband VPN Service is a low end, site to site, IPSec VPN service that uses a hardware client over broadband for access, rather than a software client. Customers can now get support for Cisco tunnel endpoints, branch office support for AT&T SIG, Nortel Contivity, Cisco IOS Routers, or Cisco VPN Concentrators, enhanced proactive monitoring, self-diagnostic tools, and an easy-to-use system interface.
  • Voice over IP - AT&T has both consumer and business VoIP service offers that provide enhanced voice communications services integrated with IP/Data features.
  • Recent enhancements to AT&T Managed Services Portal for Hosting customers, rated as the best portal in the industry by Tier One research, include trouble-ticket summaries, bills online for client, AT&T managed customers, additional performance reports, self-service tools (Command and Control) for Client-Managed Hosting customers and real-time dashboard reports for Enhanced Managed customers. The new release vastly improves the performance of the platform to deliver key real-time reports to all hosting customers.
  • Transport Trouble Ticket Automation electronically sends "circuit down" fault tickets for resolution, completely automating many AT&T support center tasks such as diagnosing faults, correlating circuits to routers, creating referral tickets and e-bonding those tickets with the AT&T fault management systems.
  • Continued leadership in Speech Recognition and Automation Applications. AT&T's Voicetone service combines best in class speech technology (AT&T Watson, AT&T Natural Voices) with best in class commercial web hosting technologies to provide customers with a robust speech platform to automate their business processes.
  • Global Fault Platform (GFP) consolidates all fault monitoring, management, correlation and maintenance systems into a single, common fault infrastructure. This enhances efficiency by reducing redundancy of systems and increases reliability. This also enables centralized monitoring, management and correlation capabilities, hence better control over networks, events and faster response time towards restoration and enhanced customer satisfaction. GFP monitors and manages the AT&T Enterprise Services Network Infrastructure which includes legacy ATM, Frame Relay and INCS, and IP, IPeFR and the Optical Network.

Time and again, our development teams have proved the seemingly impossible to be an achievable reality. Our development teams have achieved: An IP network that offers a high level of quality and reliability; world-class, highly scalable Internet-based services; and operational systems that continually enhance and drive down the cost of AT&T's own business processes, and - more importantly - those of AT&T customers.