Fact Sheet


AT&T Labs is made up of approximately 1,300 of the world's best scientists and engineers including experts in advanced data networking, software engineering, systems integration & speech technology. The research team is made up of experts in science and technologies of importance to AT&T. The development team creates new products and services through integration of off-the-shelf products -- including the tools and systems to manage secure and reliable networks for customers and for AT&T. They also develop and deploy new technologies to automate and streamline the way AT&T interacts with customers. AT&T Labs' scientists have won numerous distinguished awards from professional associations and leading academic institutions.


AT&T Labs develops and leverages leading-edge technologies to give AT&T and its customers a competitive advantage. AT&T Labs is made up of a research organization and several development units. It is the innovation engine behind AT&T's world-class technology.

  • The Research team focuses on research areas, including Computing and Communications Foundations, Networking and Software Systems, Information and Intelligent Systems, and Society and Technology.
  • The Development teams are designing the new self-operating global network and developing new processes, systems and service platforms to deliver the lowest cost and the highest quality services in the market.

AT&T Labs brings technology innovation to the company's wide array of network and communications services to ensure that AT&T customers have the most reliable, secure and intelligent communications services available.

Areas of Focus


  • Research is at a nexus of opportunity for leading invention and driving innovation at AT&T.
  • Delivering a wide range of communications and information services—from industry-leading networks, to cloud computing, to mobile applications and entertainment services.
  • Making advances in speech technologies, network management, and information mining and visualization, among other technologies.


  • Lead achievement of a consistent & efficient architecture within AT&T's networks, operation support systems and service platforms
  • Technology evaluation of internal & external innovations
  • Reliability & performance studies
  • Benchmarking analysis of competitive networks and technology
  • E-enable AT&T to streamline and automate customer relationships and create new services
  • Lead standards management with key government, industry and technology groups

Development (Network Services)

  • Optical transport network and services
  • Global IP, Frame ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode)
  • Broadband advanced access
  • Voice over IP
  • Access technologies
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) Client software & devices
  • End-to-end IP VPN strategy, design and service solution
  • IP Messaging and Business Internet Services
  • Managed Hosting Services, Content Distribution Networks, Media Services and Streaming
  • iGEMS (Integrated Global Enterprise Management System) platform development
  • Voice Applications
  • Software applications for network adjuncts and network intelligent call processing nodes
  • Custom network solutions

Business Operations

  • Consulting and support in the application of quantitative business methods and management information systems
  • Configuration management consulting for large and small software projects
  • Consulting for software process assessments & process improvements
  • Software development and rapid prototyping
  • Information research, retrieval, monitoring and analysis
  • Website design and development of automated training materials and technical writing

Intellectual Property

  • Protect & manage AT&T's portfolio of IP assets
  • Leverage the economic value of AT&T's IP portfolio through licensing and litigation efforts
  • Partner with internal clients for the development of strategic patent and technology portfolios
  • Provide valuation support for asset sales, donations and M&A activities

Systems & Service Management

  • Technical planning, systems engineering, testing, integration, design, development & deployment for AT&T Network, Local Global and AT&T Business Services
  • Best in class systems in support of zero-touch operations for all data, IP, optical and voice network services including VoIP for local, long distance and global
  • Provide common portal for self-servicing with best industry performance
  • Production support for systems (running the business) cost at lowest possible in industry
  • Provide secure management of data network to connect AT&T work centers and operation systems