Co-operative Marketing

Co-operative Marketing.Co-operative Marketing allows AT&T Solution Providers to advertise AT&T products and services while offsetting these costs by up to 100% (50% in most cases).

Ready to work together to reach more clients? Let's do it! Your Channel Manager or the Co-op Program Manager will help you customize a marketing and advertising plan to reach your target audience. And best of all? We pick up a good share of the cost!

Take advantage of the AT&T Solution Provider Ad Kit -  where you'll find ads and other collateral specially developed  for your use.

When you join the AT&T Alliance Channel you gain access to a world of marketing opportunities: From Web-based and print advertising to direct mail, tradeshow displays, customer seminars and much more. Plus broadcast advertising, including TV and radio.

We can help you take your business to the next level.

Looking to get your company's name out there? Co-operative Marketing funds help make it happen.